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HPR is an AAALAC-accredited contract research organization providing nonhuman primate (NHP) disease models for preclinical efficacy testing of potential therapeutics.

Why NHP?

The macaque is ideal for providing quality and translatable preclinical efficacy of therapeutics bound for clinical testing.

Accelerated success

HPR will aid your preclinical drug development process.

 HPR accelerated success

Phylogenetical similarity

Nonhuman primates (NHPs) are phylogenetically closer to humans than rodents. The genetic similarity between humans and Old World non-human primates in about 93% (96% with Chimpanzees, and 93% with macaques), while that between humans and rodents is only 85% (Science, 316:222-234 (2007)). This can be translated into physiological and pathophysiological similarities of human and NHP, which can provide higher predictability of the test therapeutics efficacy in clinical settings.

Genetic Similarity
Source: National Human Genome Research Institute and Science  13 Apr 2007:Vol. 316, Issue 5822, pp. 222-234

Anatomical similarity

NHPs are also anatomically and neurologically similar to humans than rodents (Nature Reviews Neuroscience,15:655–669 (2014)). Based on this similarity, the same methods can be used for drug administration and diagnostics, including a neurological functional test that employs emotional reads-out (e.g. pain scores).

Neuroanatomical Similarity
Primate Anatomic Similarity

Long history in scientific research

Among NHP, macaques, rhesus and cynomolgus macaques have been most widely used in scientific research due to their relatively wide availability and anatomical and physiological closeness to human.  

Physiological similarity 1

Souce: Liman and Innan, 2003, PNAS, 100:3328-3332.

Physiolocical similarity 2

Source: Rogers and Gibbs, 2014, Nature Reviews Genetics, 15:347–359.

Our Animal Expertise

HPR creates NHP primate models, leveraging our extensive experience in translational research and animal care.

The well-being of animals is very important to us. Hamamatsu Pharma Research is an AAALAC International-accredited facility and our highly skilled staff delivers excellent care to all animals. (Fully accredited by AAALAC since 2015.)

We do not outsource animal care.

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