Imaging Technology
  • Noninvasive medical imaging

Track disease state and therapeutic efficacy over time within the same subject with noninvasive in vivo imaging. HPR has full access to a state-of-the art imaging facility at Hamamatsu University School of Medicine.

*Imaging systems (MRI and CT) are available via an exclusive arrangement with Hamamatsu University School of Medicine.


  • Signa HDxt 3.0T

  • GE Healthcare

X-ray CT scanner

  • Bright Speed Elite SD

  • GE Healthcare

C-arm fluoroscope

  • Siremobil compact L

  • Siemens

Skeletal imaging with X-ray CT
Cartilage volumetry MRI
Stimulus-induced brain activation with fMRI
Cyst volumetry MRI
Brain infarction over time visualized with MRI
Cerebral blood flow perfusion MRI
Funduscopic and OCT retinal examination
Diffusion Tensor Imaging for visualizing optic nerve damage
R(Right) = normal, L(Left) = glaucoma

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